Anti-Cellulite Blend – 100 ml


Anti-Cellulite Blend – A special blend of Grape seed oil with Black pepper, Grapefruit (White), Fennel, Juniper, Berry and Geranium essential oils.

Most women know the frustration of fighting the bumps and bulges that are normally referred to as cellulite.

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Although cellulite needs to be attended to on various levels, a good topical oil with effective and active essential oils can go far in helping to achieve smoother body curves. All the essential oils used in our blend are pure and natural and the carrier base used in this ready-made oil also promotes a healthy skin and improved elasticity. The base oil, unlike all our other oils, is not a natural oil but was chosen because it cannot cause an allergic reaction. The problem of cellulite and the difficulty with removing it has its roots in hormones – although it is not a hormonal problem as such.

Formulation of our Anti-Cellulite Blend

We have made this blends commercially available to cut out the needless cost incurred by buying and blending various oils and to make the healing properties of essential oils more easily accessible.

The essential oils in this blend have been carefully selected after due consideration was given to clients comments and suggestions. The blend is in other words, the result of feedback given by clients on what oils or combination of oils they find most effective.

We have blended a selection of essential oils onto a base of hypo-allergenic hydrogenated polydecene, to help fight cellulite.

The oils used are employed for their specific therapeutic properties, and which has been shown through use to be effective in helping to sort out this problem.

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Carrier oil

Grape seed oil – high in antioxidants

Essential Oils

Black Pepper



Juniper Berry


Rub a small amount of the anti-cellulite blend into the affected areas twice a day. The oil will be quickly absorbed by the skin, but any excess can be taken off with a tissue. The anti-cellulite blend is easily absorbed by the skin and although massaging is not required the massage action also helps to increase circulation, thereby assisting and facilitating the removal of cellulite. The problem of cellulite and the difficulty with removing it has its roots in hormones although it is not a hormonal problem.