Essential Oil Flash Points

The following Essential Oils with a Flash Point* over 60°C (140°F) may be shipped via normal courier. These pure essential oils are listed on our website to buy via the shopping cart.

* Flashpoint definition: the temperature at which a particular organic compound gives off sufficient vapour to ignite in air. This defines the flammability of the vapour of the essential oil in temperature degrees.

Essential Oils –  Over 60°C Flash Point Flash Point* – Degrees Celsius
Allspice / Pimento 93
Aniseed 84
Basil 73
Benzoin 110
Calamus 80
Calendula Pure 62
Cassia 87
Cedarwood 93
Chamomile (German) Pure 93
Cinnamon Leaf 87
Citronella 81
Clary Sage 75
Clove Leaf 87
Fennel Sweet 62
Geranium 65
Ginger 67
Labdanum 87
Lavandin 66
Lavender 68
Lemon Grass 71
Melissa 75
Myrrh 93
Neem 76
Neroli 67
Origanum 61
Palmarosa 93
Patchouli 93
Peppermint 71
Petitgrain 67
Pine 65
Rose Geranium 97
Sandalwood (Pure – Mysore) 93
Spikenard 71
Vetivert 93
Ylang Ylang 91

Essential Oils with a Flash Point* below 60°C (140°F)

We blend all the oils listed below 50:50 with Grape Seed carrier oil so that we can ship them via normal courier. You will note that these blends are listed on our website to buy via the shopping cart. This means that you will have to use double the amount of these essential oils to obtain the same result. Let us know if you would like us to blend the pure essential oil with another carrier oil and we will be pleased to do so (you may be allergic to, or require us to blend with a carrier oil besides Grape Seed carrier oil).

We can also ship and sell the pure and undiluted essential oil that appears on the list below. The pure and undiluted essential oils on the list below must be shipped via specialized courier. We have to obtain a quote for delivery (delivery costs are very expensive).

If you would like to order the pure essential oils that appear on the list below, please send an email to [email protected]. Please list the quantity and description of the oils you wish to buy and give us your delivery address. We will reply with a quote.

Essential Oils –  under 60°C Flash Point Flash Point* – Degrees Celsius
Bay 51
Bergamot 55
Black Pepper 54
Cajeput 52
Camphor 45
Caraway 56
Carrot Seed 49
Chamomile (Roman) Pure 51
Coriander 60
Cypress 42
Dill Seed 48
Eucalyptus Globulus 48
Frankincense 51
Galbanum 60
Grape Fruit (Ruby) 46
Grape Fruit (White) 46
Helichrysum 51
Hyssop 52
Juniper Berry 41
Lemon 48
Lime 48
Mandarin 48
Marjoram 52
Myrtle 45
Niaouli 53
Nutmeg 42
Orange 46
Rosemary 42
Sage 54
Spearmint 57
Tagetes 25
Tea Tree 59
Thyme (50% Red Thyme) 54